September 24, 2007


8:30 came really early on Sunday morning. My friend Richard and his roommate Andy hosted brunch for myself and their friend Marcus - they made sure I had food in my stomach to start the Sunday Wies'n. The squares and subway were strangely calm and quiet that early, but by the time we were on the subway headed to the Wies'n grounds, the crowds had appeared. We made our way around the Oktoberfest parade to the Braurosl tent only to find that as we had feared, it was already full. We heard later they had closed the doors a little after 10. We stood in line for a little while, but realized it was going nowhere, so we managed to grab some seats at a table outside for our first Bas (mug of beer). After roasting in the sun a while, we decided to wander around some and take in a ride and some food. About an hour later we wandered by the tent again and noticed some lines were making progress, so we jumped in one. After a while, we made it in!

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