August 7, 2007

broken record

Lies, corruption, deceit, selfishness, dishonesty, greed.

In one swing tonight, Barry Bonds* made San Francisco values equivalent to those of right-wing Washington DC. Tonight the lesson that 'by working hard and doing the right thing, you can achieve greatness' was proven wrong, and perhaps given its death knell. Don't get me wrong, I admire Barry Bonds* for his athletic achievements when he played honest and real baseball before turning to artificial means - much like I could admire the career of Claus Von Bulow before he happened to (allegedly) turn to murder as a way of achieving his goals. Fair is fair. We've heard it all before. I will admit my surprise at how San Francisco, for all of its civic mindedness and ideals of right and good, has embraced him. But as long as we're celebrating cheating your way to greatness, here are some shortcuts to greatness in other sports:
  • How to Cheat at Sports
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