August 12, 2007

break away

Sorry for the inconsistency of posts lately, its been a crazy busy week and weekend with work, and then on top of it all, I was scheduled for jury duty (thankfully I actually never had to report, so was only on call all week), there was construction on the house all week, and now my place is about to be in its own termite tent, so I've been moving plants, clearing out food, etc. Today I forced myself to break for a few hours and get out of the house. I met my friend George down at the Manhattan Beach pier to peek in on the avp tournament (ho-hum compared to last weeks volleyball), and we stopped into the Poopdeck in Hermosa for beers before heading on down to our favorite, Naja's, in Redondo, where my friend Dave joined in on the fun. It was a good break, but made it even harder to get back to work tonight. Still, with breaks as full as this, I just can't complain.

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