August 16, 2007

better air

I flew Virgin America on my trip to San Francisco this week. When I booked the ticket, I didn't realize they had only started flying last week, and I also didn't know that their service was unlike other airlines, I just booked em cause the fare was cheap! I read a few things about them before my trip, so I was excited to see what they were all about. Some article I read called it Airline 2.0 - and they're right. Virgin has really done it right. Physically, the roomy seats are black leather and comfortable with more legroom. The interior is gloss white. Virgin America uses "mood lighting" in their planes - a combination of purples, pinks, and reds that changes with the time of day. It seems like a small silly thing, but it sets the tone. Little things like that make the difference in service and environment that harken back to old fashioned service - but in a very modern way. The experience of flying on Virgin centers around the seat-back entertainment system. It features tv, movies, Google maps, and music - both radio and music playlists you create yourself, but it goes even farther. You can chat seat to seat with other passengers or in various chat rooms. Food and drink can be ordered at any time from the screen - and Virgin is cashless, so you pay by swiping a card on the screen. Every seat also has outlets for electricity, ethernet and (eventually) wireless - I don't know if they just aren't there yet, but I couldn't find them despite the directions in the seatback. Overall, it was a great experience. Virgin America is the iPhone of airlines. I hope the standards stay just as high over time. As long as the fares stay competitive, they will definitely be my first choice for travel.


MICK said...

If you liked Virgin America you should book a flight on Virgin Galactic, it's out of this world.

Anonymous said...

What about the cost for each of the services? It can't be cheap! :)

Unknown said...

there is no additional cost to the passenger for the services (it isn't skybus!) - everything is included in the fare. So yes, it was the cheapest fare available between SFO and LAX. ($88 round trip)