August 6, 2007

back in the ussr

I wrote a few months ago about the Nazis being masters of design as part of their understanding of controlling public opinion. Similarly, the Soviet Union produced brilliant design, particularly in the arena of poster design. It's interesting that both powers had such an understanding not only of its importance, but also of strong forward-thinking design (as contrasted to the current US administrations attempt to use design to sway public opinion - but clearly without any understanding of design and thus the disastrous results - see links below.) Design Observer had a link to this blog today - it gives no information about who the author is, but I love it. A Soviet poster a day. And even better, whoever the author is doesn't just post the visual of a poster, but also background and information to go with it. Great design plus a short history lesson every day. Brilliant. To whoever the author of the blog is: thank you.

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    Alexander Zakharov said...

    Thanks for the kind words - those posters are just amazing!

    And yeah, i should definitely write down a profile of some sort :)

    With best regards,
    Alexander Zakharov