July 31, 2007


I began my tv career in local television, so I'm pretty familiar how breaking news sends everyone into a panic as if the sky is falling. "Oh my god, a car chase!" You'd never think it was what they actually did for a living every day. It gives me a certain sense of sympathy and understanding when what we used to call a chyron (a lower third banner with type) would make it on air with a misspelling (one of our best was 'Director of Pubic Works.' oops.). So the other day I just chuckled a little when I saw this on CNN during "the Newsroom". It happens. But when it showed up again 15 minutes later in "The Situation Room"... oops. (they have a lot of rooms, huh?) It still doesn't beat the promo for a Fine Living sweepstakes that ran for a couple weeks recently with the end graphic misspelled. God Bless spellcheck.

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