July 24, 2007

the secret

Believe it or not, I'm actually a pretty healthy eater. I know, you'd never know it from this blog. But I'm all about experiences - unique distinctive places, sights, and yes, foods. I don't believe you're experiencing a place if you're not sampling whatever is unique and native to where you are, and when thats the case with food, healthy doesn't apply. (To me, thats the reason for eating healthy, so that you break the rules when they're worth breaking.)

Southern California is home to a fast food chain called In-N-Out. Rumors are flying around New York about In-N-Out opening there, but from what I've read, those are only rumors (we hope so). [In-N-Out did expand to Arizona and Nevada in the 90's.] The menu at In-N-Out is deceptively simple. Burgers, french fries, shakes, and sodas. Thats it. All are made fresh (even the french fries) with a unique level of quality control in their ingredients and cleanliness in their stores. But what's deceptively simple about the menu is the not so secret "Secret Menu". There are ways you can order any menu item that don't appear on any signage. Order your burger "grilled cheese" and you get it without the meat. Order "animal style" and you get mustard-cooked beef with pickle, extra sauce, and grilled onions in addition to the regular ingredients. Order a "3x3" and you get three beef patties. Order fries "light" and you get them slightly undercooked. You get the idea. Badmouth.net has a great writeup with pictures of much of the secret menu in the link below. Next time you go, make it a true In-N-Out experience and experience the secret menu for yourself.
  • Badmouth.net: in-n-out's secret menu
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