July 12, 2007

last day

Myron flew back to Dallas on Wednesday. We killed the day while he was here by jumping on a cable car over to Fisherman's Wharf and grabbing a lunch of crab, shrimp, and chowder. That and the cable car ride back brought us back just in time for him to head to the Airport. I killed the rest of the day wandering around town and waiting for an appointment at the Apple store (grrr - I'll rant on that later). I met up with a friend of mine in the evening, but then just hung out in the hotel later last night. I felt bad for wasting the last night in town by not going out and seeing or doing something, but I was just too worn out. In the end, being worn out from doing too much good stuff can never be a bad thing. Theres no way not to have a good time in San Francisco.

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