July 11, 2007

game on

Myron and I had managed to get good tickets at the ticket window on Saturday for Tuesdays All Star Game, but they were last row with the overhang blocking the view of most everything. On the plus side, we had gotten them at face value, so we had them as backup. After a couple hours Tuesday of hunting online for better tickets, we decided to head toward the park to see how things were on the street. But first we stopped at San Francisco's legendary Sears Fine Food on Powell St after reading about their famous Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries. They were pretty great, though it was really the Lingonberries that made them. (If you go, try the Al's Special). We hoofed it on down to the park, and it was quickly evident that the ticket market which was full of options online earlier had dried up there on the street. We stuck it out, and ended up getting exactly what we wanted: we traded our not-so-great Field tickets plus cash for some pretty good ones right in front of the bullpen (which really isn't even a bullpen). We made it to our seats for the pregame hooplah - the Willie Mays ceremony was touching, even with Barry Bonds* trying to steal his limelight during it. And despite the rudest fans in baseball, it was a fun game in a great park - with (thankfully) some needed excitement at the end as the National league almost battled back to win. Finally, we topped the night off with yet another San Francisco legend - late night Pastrami sandwiches at Lefty O'Douls. Good thing we walked all week!

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