July 10, 2007

derby day

Monday we headed to a local place that had been recommended by a lot of people for dim sum. It was my first dim sum experience, so given my love of tapas, I loved it. It was an easy walk from there to the ballpark where the crowd was clearly bigger and more festive than Saturday. The McCovey Cove was packed with boats hoping to get a home run ball that made it into the water. We loved our outfield bleacher seats and still prefer to be in the outfield for Home Run Derby, but these still didn't top the fun of our seats in Detroit. Since our side of the outfield was the longer end, most of the batters hit toward the other side. In Detroit we managed to be right in the section that just got pummeled with Home Runs. Nonetheless, it was still a blast. We capped the evening with a ride down the Coke bottle slide in the outfield.

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