June 29, 2007

a three hour tour

My sister, Melanie, and her kids, Marlena and Sumner, are here visiting for a couple days. They've just finished a pretty amazing three week cross-country trip going all kinds of amazing places; including from Iowa through the Dakotas and Utah to the Grand Canyon and Vegas to here. They're pretty wiped out, but awfully content with each other after spending three weeks in a car together! They seem happy just to veg and enjoy the beach area at this point. They've already done most of the LA tourist stuff on another trip here, so the only thing we scheduled was a tour today at Sony Pictures Studios. After my friend Heith showed me around a few weeks ago, I was impressed with all the history of the former MGM lot I found out later. The Sony tour also seemed like a less touristy/cheesy tour than someplace like Universal, so off we went. After dropping off their rental car and stopping at Randy's Donuts for a taste of LA Googie Architecture (which seemed to excite me more than them), Heith met us for lunch before the tour at Sony and gave a few basics. The tour ended up being twice as long as I had thought (at about 3 hours), but our guide, Will, was really great and we got to see tons of stuff. We stopped to see Heith and a couple other friends, Don and Veronika, before leaving the lot. Once we got home, we debated going to a movie, but ended up just walking down to Sloopys for dinner and watchin some funniest videos on the couch. By the end of the day, we were definitely very full.

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