June 23, 2007

perfect day

Today was about as good as a day can get - the perfect unplanned ordinary day. I biked down to Hermosa to meet my friend George for lunch. George is an old friend I met when I first moved to LA - he's now back in LA after a few years in Michigan and housesitting in Hermosa for a few months. We grabbed lunch by the beach and followed that up with a beer at the Poopdeck. We then biked down to the end of the bike trail in Redondo Beach and wandered around a neighborhood festival there. We decided it was more fun in Hermosa so we biked back and he introduced me to the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club, which is anything but. Its a great little out of the way dive bar, which just makes the name even better. By that time, George had to head out to meet another friend in Santa Monica, but I wasn't ready to end the day. I called my friend Pat who lives nearby and he biked over for a beer. After a bit, we decided we were hungry - I vetoed the chain Hennessey's suggestion and said "lets go to a good one-of-a-kind dive bar with food". So Pat introduced me to my new favorite bar - Naja's Place in Redondo. Naja's is in the Redondo marina and was packed - the crowd was lively and the reggae band was loud. But best of all, among their 70 or 80 beers on tap is my all time favorite from my Europe trip - Wiehenstephan Weisse! I've never seen it anywhere on tap in the US, so i was excited. And the food was pretty damn good too. Like I told Pat at the end of the night - I'll bike for Naja's anytime!

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