June 22, 2007

no means no, kobe

I'm not really a big basketball fan, so I'll admit to only following the basics of the latest Kobe Bryant brouhaha - a never-ending series of stupid public statements leading to stupid public responses and so on...zzz...what else is new; who cares. But the other night I couldn't help but read the front page of the sports section (because it was tacked to the wall in the mens restroom!) and Bill Plaschke's column headline was genius. It read "At this moment, Bryant is not Magic Johnson, he is Paris Hilton. He is not Jerry West, he is Lindsay Lohan. He is not the old show-time Hollywood, he is the new spoiled Hollywood. He's just not that into you. He's betrayed fans, whined, ripped the team, and trampled on Lakers tradition. For those still in love with Bryant, it's time to let him go." Wow. And thats just the headline. Ouch.

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