June 28, 2007

i day

Ever since having a Blackberry at my last job (which was useless since I use a Mac), I have longed for a cell phone that would actually work with (and work like) a Mac. My wait ends at 6pm. Well, not for me - I'm not one of those guys camping out to be the first. In fact, I'm one of those guys who usually doesn't get anything new until version 2 comes out so by then the kinks have been worked out, but I don't think I'll be able to wait that long for an iPhone. For a glimpse at what the hype is about (especially from me - a guy with zero interest in an iPod), check out the video linked below from David Pogue, Technology critic for the New York Times. The phone looks and works as well there as it does in the Apple demos, but he also gives fair mention of the iPhones shortcomings.

The video also is worth noting in that its the first time I've watched video content from a newspaper site - and its good stuff. Well put together, decently shot, and surprisingly watchable, the New York Times here is exhibiting an understanding of the web and its value - and its place in the future of newspapers. TV stations should take note - re-running your story from tonights newscast doesn't cut it. Here, the New York Times is actually doing tv for the web better than tv seems to be able to. Its as much a lesson in using the web as the iPhone is a lesson in brilliant marketing. Huge initial announcement, followed by a continuous and gradually increasing trickle of news and information about the phone - to the point that in the last couple weeks, we couldn't go a day without hearing about some new feature or tidbit of news. The only thing I haven't been able to find out: when do I get mine?

  • New York Times: the iPhone Challenge
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