June 4, 2007

hole lotta fun

Many of you know about my favorite place in San Diego - not the beach or the park, but a dive bar called "The Hole," which I firmly believe beats Disneyland as the happiest place on Earth. So naturally the highlight for me of San Diego Rodeo weekend isn't even the rodeo, but Sunday Afternoon at the Hole. True to form, it was packed and busy, but what I always like best about the Hole is that everyone seems to always be in a good mood - friendly, happy, and just plain having fun. That is what separates it from other bars in San Diego or anywhere else - and consistently so. I seemed to have more friends there than usual (or maybe over time, I've just actually made more friends) - usually I am friends with a couple people along with knowing many acquaintances, but this was different. At one point during the night when someone asked me if I was there with friends, I said yes. And I really felt it. It was a good weekend. As I left, I was even treated to fireworks. Sure they were from Sea World, but to me they were just my exclamation point on the weekend.

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