June 20, 2007

death in the family?

Ugh. Its karma. Especially after my post yesterday making fun of Microsoft. It seems as though my desktop Mac may be dying. Last Thursday, I took a power hit when a car hit a power pole nearby. Ever since, it started locking up on reboot, but only after logging into my account, not on startup. A few times it came up fine, allowing me to do some work and make sure all files were archived. So with a gap in my current project, I spent the last couple days running maintenance and optimization software. It seems I have a "bad block" and an "incorrect valence". I don't know what those are, but it seems they may be fatal. Since running the maintenance software, it will only reboot to a grey screen... Because Macs don't crash and problems on them are rare, when they happen, it totally freaks you out. And usually, its not good. Since the Mac is the cornerstone of my business, its no small deal. Sigh. Stay tuned.


Casey Jordan said...

hey bud. If you can find the police report with the name of the person who hit the pole, you can persue them for the damages to your computer. I've handled claims like this before if you want to do the leg work. If the computer store can document the damage was caused by a power surge.

May take some leg work on your end, but I'll be happy to guide you.

Unknown said...

okay youve already been in texas too long! come back!!! I have a feeling youre actually serious, but I'm sure the guy who hit the pole has enough to deal with! I dont think I could do that any more than I could sue the dry cleaners for a million dollars for not having my pants on time. Thanks for the advice, though, I know it was meant well... :)