May 25, 2007

stormy daze

It turns out I timed my trip pretty perfectly. The typical severe weather for Dallas that was supposed to come through on Wednesday ended up coming through yesterday. From living in LA where we rarely if ever have thunder and lightning, I have to admit I kind of enjoy the storms that I miss from when I lived here. I was out with my friend Kevin playing in his monster truck (you think my truck is big, his is twice the size). He let me drive it around some just at about the time that the skies opened up, so we ended up just waiting out a hailstorm in the giant truck. Luckily it was pea-sized hail, not the softball sized hail that destroyed my truck when I lived here. It was kinda fun in a simple pleasures kinda way. Other than that, I've actually been fairly busy with work, so being inside during rainy days isn't such a bad thing. We head off on our roadtrip this afternoon. Fried Pies, here we come!

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