May 30, 2007

fill er up

Continuing with the food theme of the past few posts... I have a new favorite place in Dallas. When I got into town last week, my friend Myron told me he had found a new place he had to take me: Fuel City! Yup, really. Fuel City is in an industrial area in the shadow of downtown near the Trinity River levees, and its a giant gas station/convenience mart kinda place. But the best part of Fuel City is their tacos - named the Best Tacos in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine. Yup, not kidding. And neither are they! These may have been the best tacos I ever had. Construction workers on break mix with businessmen and tourists around a window ordering from five varieties of freshly made little tacos on either flour or corn tortillas. Also nearby was something Myron nor I had ever seen before. A lady at a food cart was making corn cups. I had no idea what they were, but they seemed to be going like hotcakes. I had to have one. I watched as she filled the cup halfway full with creamed corn, squirted in a glob of what looked like sour cream and some sort of red spicy sauce, threw in a heap of queso fresco, filled the rest of the cup up with corn, added another glob of white sauce and red sauce, added another glob of melted butter, and finished it off with more queso fresco. Just the process had me enthralled. I felt like a kid with his first sno-cone. There's nowhere to eat really (though they do have a swimming pool with fountains and lawn chairs around it - at a fuel mart - how can you not love that?). We opted instead to park and eat in the car watching the longhorns and burros graze by the levee and oil wells that live in the grassy area surrounding the mart. I'm not making this up. Myron chuckled at my glee. "I knew you'd like this place." Boy was he right.

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