May 2, 2007

day in the park

It was the perfect day for a ballgame today, the weather couldn't have been any better. The Dodger dogs were good and tasted like no other hot dogs anywhere, the beer was cold and good, and the game was close even til the end. Generally the small changes made to the Stadium seem to be nice. Besides the new parking system - which sucked, even with a small crowd - the only bad thing was the empty seat next to me. Grrrrrr.

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Tim said...

ahhh...yes, glad you got to your first game of the season. I've enjoyed several firsts at the games I've hit so far this year: first beer, first hot dog, first running of the Presidents at the inning break, first attempt to act stupid and get on the jumbotron, and first really lame rally cap attempt. Oh yeah...I also had my first yell of "Chuck" for a foul ball (thank you, Jon) and we yell, "George!" instead of, "Charge!" in honor of one of my seatmates, Jorge. Baseball: a game of tradition.

I just got a really cool link from the Nationals, showing the views from my current season tickets as they will transfer at the new ballpark and the POTENTIAL views for upgrading.

To dream of those beautiful 3rd base line seats I like, I'd have to share my season tickets with 20 people!

Happy to grab a seat next to you for a Dodgers, Padres, Nats or even at All-Star game this season! Will keep you posted on my MLB travel.

Tim "no player on the field makes more the 850K" Nats Fan.