May 10, 2007

c'est la...

What a difference a day makes, round II. As I'm sure you heard, we had a pretty big fire in LA this week. One of the odd things about living at the beach is that I never would have even known about it if not for seeing it on the internet and television. For seven years before moving down here, I lived in Silverlake with a view of the lake and Griffith Park beyond. My daily view included the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory - and the area that burned in the fire. I often used to hike the trails above the Observatory up to a place called Dante's Peak. I've read that it is gone. I always loved this huge area of wilderness smack dab in the second largest city in America. The pics above show the area before the fire, and some during and after shots stolen from Atwater Village Newbie (link below) and my friend Rusty (link on the right). Curbed LA posted a great list of 12 thing to do to help Griffith Park. Meanwhile outside my window now, apparently theres another wildfire out on Catalina Island. Its going to be a long summer.
  • Atwater Village Newbie

  • Curbed LA: How to Help Griffith Park
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