May 29, 2007

another fry day

Monday gave us a pretty relaxed trip back to Dallas from Oklahoma City. After about an hour on the road, we came upon our most anticipated stop of the trip - the Original Fried Pies place near Turner Falls! and this time, they were open. Not only open, but packed! The secret clearly is out. What seems like a family of all ages man their posts kneading dough, creating the shapes and fillings to match the orders, and dumping em in the fryer to a flaky golden brown. Having a long line allowed Myron and I time to think through our orders this year so we didn't have a "I should have gotten that" moment. He went for one of Chicken and Vegetables, and an Apricot/Coconut mixed (they allow you to mix available flavors). I went for a Comfort Food one (polish sausage, cheese, potatoes), and a mix of Blackberry and Vanilla. yum. Our mixed ones may have been a little too 'just out of the fryer', not only were they hot, we apparently just couldn't bear to wait long enough to help them form and they fell apart in our hands as we tried to eat them. As if it mattered. It tasted every bit as good. Not a complaint came from either of us, just laughter.

Today while waiting for my plane back to LA, I got a call from an old friend Jeff. Jeff was a friend in Dallas I hadn't talked to for years - even before I moved from Dallas. We ran into each other in Oklahoma City Saturday night and the gap evaporated. He asked if they had Apricot fried pies. When he was a kid, he would go fishing and his Grandmother would always make him apricot fried pies using the apricot trees in her yard, he said. I have a feeling those were probably better than the ones we bought, but I bet these are damn close.

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