April 27, 2007

where the heart is

I have been working on a video for the memorial for my friend Tres this weekend. It's a tougher project than I expected. People have sent in hundreds of great photos. I find myself working along in "designer mode" and then without warning the emotions of it all swirl around and overtake me. (I've been doing a lot of breaks to walk on the beach.)

My friend Myron sent a bunch of pics of Tres' home. Instead of looking like a Pottery Barn, Tres' house is uniquely defined by his personality. His spirit and his character cover every surface, from bright wall colors to fun kitschy items - almost all with a personal memory attached. At first I admit the pictures creeped me out a little, but I've grown to really enjoy them and find comfort in them as well. They seem to give me the same sense of fun and enjoyment and comfort that I always felt in his house. I guess thats what really makes it a home.

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