April 4, 2007

random find

I typed the wrong thing in a google search the other day and accidentally came across a cool site called "Random LA." Random LA is a personal project by web designer Trevor Dubbert. The site is more than 200 photographs of Los Angeles which cycle in a random order - when you click on the photo, it takes you to the next one, with every visit being in a different order. What I love most about it is the photography, which happens to be very much like the photos I often shoot. These are not post card style shots of LA, instead they randomly capture color, texture and moments of Los Angeles like you see in every day life. Dubbert also has two companion sites - Random SF and Random NY, which, as you might have guessed, give similar glances of San Francisco and New York. Nice work. And the fact that these are just a personal project rather than a commercial venture make them even more enjoyable.
  • RandomLA.com
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