April 25, 2007

my first home

When I started my blog, I expected it to be a lot of "work news" about current projects and latest work, etc. When I worked the Olympics, it became a more personal travelog, but then in bits did become a lot of latest work news as I was doing daily projects. As my business has worked out, I've discovered you generally can't publish a lot about your projects, even after theyre completed - because often theres still a while before they air. This project wrapped a while ago, but it just begun to air this past Saturday. Since I've been spending so much time trying to get this picked up by various media and blogs, it seemed to make sense that I would post it here as well. So forgive the formality of the press release, but heres some "latest news":

jonberrydesign Delivers Graphics for New TLC Series "My First Home"

Los Angeles broadcast design studio jonberrydesign designed and produced the main title and graphics package for the new Authentic Entertainment series "My First Home" on TLC. My First Home follows first-time homebuyers through the process of hunting and buying their first home.

“I wanted a look that was both intriguing and yet self-explanatory and I think Jon had a great idea of conveying the show concept in a catchy and classy way,” said Jeanne Begley, the show’s Co-Executive Producer.

"This solution took longer than usual in the concept stages," said Designer/Creative Director Jon Berry. "I kept bringing very bright, clean, bold designs and they weren't hitting the mark for what they wanted." Finally, in a brainstorm discussion, Begley showed Berry an image of a pen scribble that inexplicably attracted her, and Executive Producer Tom Rogan mentioned wanting "gritty without being gritty." Those two comments set off a light bulb that led Berry to the concept of a diary.

"'My First Home' follows very personal experiences in a more cinema verite style than most home shows - essentially a video diary," said Berry. The diary concept deconstructed into elements of handwriting, torn edges, typewriting, raw handheld still photography, and a series of tick-marks representing the stages of the process. When in motion the handwriting texture even referenced film leader as a nod to the cinema verite style of the show. The gritty comment also led Berry to a palette that was dominantly black and grey with a very warm orange accent color instead of the bright and white and primary color palettes of his earlier designs.

"I received a two word email in response to those boards: 'LOVE IT!' From there, all elements just seemed to fall into place," said Berry.

“The network loved the design from the moment they got it. And I’ve had so many compliments, particularly on the opening title graphic, when anyone sees the show,” added Begley. “I loved working with Jon… his ideas were great and he’s tireless at making whatever changes are needed.”

The completed package includes the main title sequence, in-bumps, out-bumps, various lower third and information panel formats, transitions, and individual maps for all episodes. All design and animation was completed by jonberrydesign using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects entirely on Apple Macintosh platforms.

My First Home airs on TLC Saturday nights with back-to-back episodes at 10pm and 10:30 ET/PT.

About jonberrydesign:

jonberrydesign is the Los Angeles based studio of Jon Berry, an award-winning broadcast designer/animator and creative director of television branding, motion graphics, promotion campaigns, main title design and show packaging. For more information, contact Jon Berry at 213.926.1678, or visit jonberrydesign.com.

client: Authentic Entertainment
Series Co-Executive Producer: Jeanne Begley
Series Executive Producers: Lauren Lexton and Tom Rogan

TLC Executive Producer: Brooke Runnette

Images and video file resources available for media:
ftp.jonberrydesign.com (for best results, use an ftp client)
username: media@jonberrydesign.com
password: media

  • Quicktime movie: My First Home graphics package