April 9, 2007

food for thought

I've mentioned my friend Darrin before when he lost his last dog and eventually got a new one. Or more like it, when one found him. Darrin's last dog suffered through cancer, which left lingering doubts in his mind about the things we feed our pets and what effect that might have on them. It's a valid point that my friend Tres, who's fighting Lymphoma himself, brought up regarding what we humans eat and what it may do to us - more in his blog linked below.

Anyway, I've been able to live vicariously through Darrin as he decided on a name for Brady, has taken him to training, and spent hours researching pet food as the recent pet food recall spiraled. Since others out there could be wondering the same thing but may not have been able to do the research, I asked Darrin if he minded if I post what he found. Now - my fear in doing so is that a week from now this company finds something and adds itself to the list - so, take it only as information to use to make your own decisions for yourself. Here's what he had to say:

"After much debate and research and asking questions, I decided to put Brady on Canidae. So far, he loves it. It must really smell like people food because he goes nuts when it is around, even in kibble form.

Canidae is an all-natural dog food made in the USA. All ingredients are certified natural. All ingredients also come from the USA. And, all protein sources are human quality, according to FDA regulations.

It came down to three choices: Canidae, Nature's Variety and Natural Balance (Dick Van Patten of Eight is Enough fame's brand). I ended up choosing Canidae based on user's recommendations as well as the fact that is was the only one (except Natural Balance Organic) that said all the ingredients came from the US. I was sure that the others did too, but I could not find confirmation of that. And given the fact that farming is much different elsewhere in the world, it made me think. This whole fiasco though makes me think about where our food comes from too."

Something worth thinking about. More on the human side here in my friend Tres' blog:
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