April 22, 2007


Leave it to my Dad to make me laugh out loud. (This is one of the reasons I love blogs.) My Dads blog is mostly a mix of science and geneology that I couldn't begin to understand if I tried (he's frowning at that), but in between are little personal nuggets. A few times a year Mom and Dad take off to Elkins, WV for music and folklife camps that are part of the Augusta Heritage Center. A couple years ago for their anniversary, all the kids met them there during part of Old-Time Week. (Old-Time Music is similar to bluegrass, but a much more specific regional iteration of it.) This week they're off to Elkins for Dulcimer camp, which is Mom's week of workshops (and it might be her first time to show off her fancy new dulcimer!). Dad apparently goes to hang out with his friend Bob at his instrument shop. The top pic above with the dog was taken there, I believe. It's one of my favorite pics of him. Dad's blog today said "He lets me come out and hang around and work on instruments that I've gathered since last year at this time. I'm stricken with the dreaded disease, I.A.D., Instrument Acquisitive Disorder. There seems to be no cure. I don't have to be able to play them. They just have to look interesting and like someday I might give it a try."

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