March 11, 2007


Weekends without plans usually tend to be 'relax at home' and 'get stuff done' weekends, so I usually am glad to have a weekend with no plans. On Saturday morning, I figured this was one of those. Turns out I was wrong.

I get my hair cut not far from my friend Heith's house in Venice, so I've learned to call him if I go in for a cut on a weekend. After my cut on Saturday, he told me to meet him and some friends at 'the fish' (a common hangout) for some afternoon drinks. Who me? sure! A couple drinks there led us on to their freind Jack's place near the beach for more drinks. I had met Jack and his friend Matt a few times but never knew them very well - he has a great totally comfortable place in a cool funky old building near the beach in Venice (yeah, that Venice Beach). After a while, we were back to the fish and there til they closed. On Sunday, Jack invited me to join them for a brunch they were having where I got to meet even more members of the gang. We ended up hangin on the beach most of the day, ending with indulging in some pizza back at Heith's.

The weather was perfect summer weather here today, and the time change added to the energy in the air everywhere. It was a long unexpected and unintended social weekend, with most of spent with friends and making new ones. In this town, thats a rare luxury that you just can't beat.

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