March 29, 2007

life is over

Life magazine is ceasing publication next month. Its the third time Life has called it quits since its beginning in 1936. As much as I'm sad to hear that, because I think of Life as a great standard-bearing magazine with truly hallmark photography; I have to admit that I haven't seen an issue in years. In fact, I didn't even know it was only a weekly Sunday newspaper supplement now - and has been since 2004. It doesn't seem a very dignified end for Life to go out as a 20-page piece of celebrity news and household tips. Perhaps its demise is a good thing. Maybe it will get a fourth incarnation someday in the future - perhaps as "Time" in pictures - primarily very strong editorial photography documenting current events and culture in a way that honors its glory days. But then again, maybe time is just up for Life.
  • New York Times: Life Magazine Will Cease Publication
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