March 12, 2007

gorgeous still gets it

Jaguar has added yet another layer to its 'prefer gorgeous' campaign. The recent spots for the Jaguar XKR are a perfect example of how to build on an existing campaign with individual tweaks that still feel like part of the greater family. And they continue a great example of how to resurrect a brand name by daring to zag instead of zigging. These aren't your typical car commercials. Like in earlier parts of the campaign, the product is clearly highlighted, but without the superslick glorious product shots typical of car ads (you know, the long pan around the car edge on a wet road cut from the same vein as those slow motion shot of the vegetables tumbling through sheets of flowing water). The newest spots continue the same graphic and editing style established by last years XK spots, but now bring in a new batch of reds and warm colors that both blend and contrast beautifully with the established teals and blues of the campaign. I love how playful they have gotten with the stillframe sequences, keeping us on edge by holding them just slightly longer than feels comfortable. The campaign captures the glamour and beauty of Jaguar to keep its core older audience, yet with the look and feel continue to establish Jaguar as the hippest of the luxury car market. Five years ago, who would have ever guessed that could be said?

Notably, Jaguar has also continued the same feel and experience to their website, the commercial becomes not just a piece of video, but part of the experience. Its a joy to not see the typical broadcast to web site disconnect.

I don't know for certain, but I assume these spots are from the same team at Euro RSCG as the last bunch - led by creative directors Alicia Johnson and Hal Wolverton. The music, by the way, (since I'm bound to get lots of hits from people doing google searches for it) is Blues Explosion's "Help These Blues."

The campaign is about the emotion of owning and driving the car, not about the pieces and parts that make up the car. They get it.

  • Jaguar XKR spot

  • Jaguar XKR website
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