March 22, 2007

about faces

These guys all look like people you or I might know, don't they? Make you wonder who they might be? Clearly people with full lives of friends and stories and families that make them who they are. And that's who they should be remembered as. These men are memorialized in the new "Iraq veterans Memorial." I've always wished there was a way to make the casualty numbers more than numbers, so the people who gave their lives could be known for who they were. Apparently I wasn't alone.

A group called the Brave New Foundation, headquartered in Culver City, has put together this online memorial. Anyone who has lost a friend or loved one in the war is welcome to submit a video to become a part of this larger online video where we get a glimpse of the names and stories behind the numbers.

This weekend we passed the 4th Anniversary of the war. There are now 3,230 stories like this out there. The memorial currently honors 27 people. 3,203 to go. and counting.

As an aside: I will volunteer to create a video for anyone who happens upon this and doesn't know how to make one. If you can get me jpeg or other photo files (or video files) and an audio file, I will be happy to put them together as a video that fits the requirements for this project. Just email me and we'll figure it out. Its the least I can do.
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