February 24, 2007

title safe

Its somewhat sacrilegious in LA (especially in Oscar season), but I've never been a big movie fan. I often find myself disappointed by them and then feel like I've just wasted two hours that I can't get back. Aside from that causing me to miss out on some good films, I also miss out on some even better title sequences. Given that, I was thrilled to stumble across "forget the film, watch the titles," a website that showcases only the title sequence from films. The site is still not very deep, but it is gradually building a vault of great work. I find it most interesting that a lot of the best work seems to be European rather than American. Some of my definite favorites currently posted are the titles for "OSS117: Cairo, Nest of Spies", "Hard Candy", "Irreversible", and "Thank You For Smoking". Its also interesting to note how differently they play on a computer vs. in a theatre. Several are so long and slow that I clicked off after a while, yet I know in a theatre, I would be engrossed and allowing myself to be transported from real world into the film's world, one of the important functions of a good title sequence. Enjoy the movie...title.

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