February 1, 2007

terror lite

As someone who works both in marketing and as a Police Officer, I'm fascinated by the whole story of Boston Lite Brite-gate. So a company hangs Lite Brite signs of a cartoon character around cities all over America, and after being up for two or three weeks, someone in Boston notices them and shuts down the city in a terror alert!! I don't know who looks more stupid - the Boston and Massachusetts authorities or the news media. The breathless non-stop coverage was classic. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley told CNN: "It had a battery behind it! ...and WIRES!" So does my computer.

Note to Boston authorities: that big lit up triangle over Fenway - it, too, is just a lit up sign. No need for panic.

As a bonus, the link below is to your own online Lite Brite - perfectly safe. Play all you want, but keep it indoors so it doesn't get mistaken for a WMD. Maybe we invaded Iraq because Saddam had Lite Brites?

  • Play Lite Brite online!

    Tim said...

    Ahhhh...another terror toy from my youth...LiteBrite.

    Does anyone happen to remember this "toy" mentioned below?

    You plugged in a squre metal box, and it heated up molten plastic in steel molds that then made rubber spiders, snakes, scorpians etc. I can remember the stench of burning rubber, the smell of seared flesh and probably still have a burn scar on one of my hands from the metal mold trays. I promise I'm not making this up or confusing it up with my cousin's 150 watt light bulb EasyBake Oven.

    I survived childhood and didn't have to call the Boston Police.

    Officer Vojtasko, MPD DC

    Unknown said...

    I remember that! I didnt have it - but my brother might have...if not, I definitely remember the commercials... but not the name!

    Tim said...

    Found it! CreepyCrawlers by Mattel. The original commerical link is below.


    Love the close-up shot of the kid plugging the melting machine into the wall. Amazing I survived childhood. We didn't even have seat belts, I slept on the back dash of the car during roadtrips and never wore a helmet while jumping ramps on my banana seat, spider handle bar bike in the middle of neighborhood traffic.

    As the country song says, "I have a couple of Evel Kneivel scars."