February 25, 2007

rotten cheese

I had hoped to have a great story and pics for you today... A week or two ago, I ran across info about the 4th 2nd Grilled Cheese Invitational Tournament. How awesome was that? What could be better? I marked my calendar and counted down the days. Their website gave lots of info for rules and tips, google searches showed pics from previous years, it looked like great fun. The site said all contestants had to be there by 7:30 and cheese would start flowing at 8, but the exact location in Downtown LA would not be posted til the day of the event. I couldn't wait to sample the entries in the three categories - Missionary Position: only standard bread, standard butter, and standard cheese; Kama Sutra: exotic breads, cheeses, additional ingredients allowed; and Honey Pot: sweet in general, served as a dessert. I couldn't wait!

A couple hours before the event, there was still no location posted. Surely they hadn't just forgotten! I fired off an email just in case someone would get it. Maybe the whole thing was a fake? My friend Pat was ready to join me for the trek downtown for cheese! Both of us were refreshing our webpages and searching for any other info we could find. Plenty of publicity listings that had been planted, but no specific location on any of them. By a little after 8, we had to give up. There would be no cheesy goodness for us tonight. Sigh.

Today I got an email saying "Due to overwhelming publicity, we were forced to not publish the address on our website because we believed we had already reached capacity for the event location before we even posted the address." Well, thanks for lettin us know. I don't want to say anything too bad for fear of not being invited to the next one! But...sheesh. If only we had been told that night. So many tears could have been spared.

So today I made my own protest grilled cheese. Nothing fancy, but I don't think there such a thing as a bad grilled cheese. mmmmm. And I'm thinking of having my own grilled cheese party maybe in a month or two. Anyone in?

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    Mike Lopez said...

    I found you through Google search, and your work is very inspiring.