February 19, 2007


Tonight on tv I happened to catch a quick clip of "the Battle of the Oranges" in Ivrea, Italy. How fast a year goes. Last year, I was there in the middle of a little Italian village with oranges hurtling past and exploding all around me. It was pure happenstance that I happened to find this festival. Carnevale is celebrated in Italy at different times throughout the month, and in different ways. The little village of Ivrea happens to celebrate it this way. I happened to find it on the web, it happened to be on the first day after my work at the Olympics ended, and it happened to be an easy hour train ride from Torino. It was one of the best experiences of all of my travel. I just plain couldn't believe I was in the middle of something like that. It was surreal. And it was a blast. It made for great photos, and I took tons of em. These are ones I didn't publish a year ago, but you can go to the link below to find last year's post on that day. The tv blurb made me realize I should check YouTube, and sure enough there were quite a few videos. I've also linked below to the best one of the bunch that I found - it gives a great sense of what the day is like. So forgive me for yet another rehash of posts from a year ago, but it was great experience that I'll never forget, and I love that I can share it with you.

  • jbd: February 28, 2006: orange crush

  • YouTube: Carnevale di Ivrea by Pitzbull
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