February 11, 2007

fun with maps

I've been working on a project lately that involves global maps as a primary concept image, so its only fitting that I run across some fun things to do with maps.

By now, you're surely familiar with Google Maps and Google Earth and have looked up your own house and office, etc. Here are a couple ways you can send messages using Google Earth technology. The first, called GeoGreeting, uses overhead views of buildings as individual letters. The interesting part of that one is that it will tell you where each building is located. It would be a little more fun if they went beyond one option for each letter. The second, called MapMSG, is a little more fun. It generates a smoke signal message from anywhere you choose, along with some interesting pre-set locations. Both allow you to send your message on to friends or post into your website.

Perhaps it gives a new meaning to geographic literacy.

  • my GeoGreeting (and make your own)

  • my MapMSG (and make your own)

    rusty said...

    cool....you must have way to much free time on your hands

    Unknown said...

    far from it, thats why i have to find things like this that I can make a fast blogpost of!