February 5, 2007

the end

Here are some pics stolen from other websites of the "Fly DC Jets" sign I mentioned in yesterdays post. I love this sign. This 1950 version of the Douglas Aircraft Company logo is a beautiful piece of design, but I also love the very dated optimism of it, especially when combined with the typography that just screams that era. Boeing's current logo uses a modernized version of this mark, but the proportions don't have the same elegance.

I haven't been able to find any information about whether there are any plans (or campaigns) to save this sign, I really hope it doesn't meet the wrecking ball. What I also discovered is that the sign originally said "Fly Douglas" as you can see in the next to bottom pic with the American Airlines DC10. I don't know when the sign was changed. The bottom pic is from last May - of the crew that built the last Boeing 717, the last commercial airplane produced in California, ending commericial aviation manufacturing's long history in California.

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