February 22, 2007

a convenient truth

Today when taking out the trash, I thought about a blurb I heard on the radio that California has reached the point where more than 50% of our waste is recycled. I didn't think about it much at first, but later realized that 50% is a lot! I don't know if its a state or local thing, but I have to admit that they make it convenient here. My folks in Virginia have to separate glass and plastic and paper (and trash), and I think recycling comes on a different day than garbage. That's a lotta work - I admire the effort they go to for recycling. Here - anything recyclable goes in the same bin, and the recycling (blue) bins go out the same day as the trash (grey). Ever since hearing that statistic, I've become more conscious of not throwing recyclable things into the garbage, and seem to have two bags of recycle for every one bag of garbage. I guess every little bit helps!

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