January 14, 2007


Holy crap its cold here! This is phoenix? Didn't I say I was done with winter after my trip to St Louis? guess that serves me right... Phoenix is usually a fun rodeo because its a break in the winter weather for most of the people who travel here, and you can see it in their moods. Well, this year we've been met by temps in the 30's to 50's. I know, its colder a lot of places, but this is Phoenix after all... Still, everyones having fun, just more bundled up for it, and spending most of the time indoors with vendors rather than in the stands. Some great meals I'll write about later, too. You may also notice my first outdoor advertising in the top picture. Not that I expect any business to result from it, but you never know. If nothing else, its a contribution to the rodeo association.


Todd said...

ah...such fond memories. ;-)

Unknown said...

awwww...you were missed. lots of people asked about you. :)