January 9, 2007


In case you haven't heard, Apple today announced the new iphone. I, for one, can't wait. I'm not normally an early adopter. I'm someone who will stick with my old whatever that works as long as I can. I've had my old phone forever and love it. I actually bought it from my friend Dave, who is more of a techie and always gets the newest coolest stuff first (in marketing lingo - we call him an 'early adopter'). He had already moved on to the next cool phone, so I bought his old one - cause it barked. Yeah, really. I just wanted the phone that barked. And in the past few years, I still never felt like I needed a new one. Mine was little and handy. Mine no longer gets text messages. I dont know why. But I like not having to deal with them and having that excuse. Though more and more, I find myself hearing "I sent you a text" when I didnt know about something. Its to the point that people just assume I can get text messages. grrrr. And in the past month, I'm starting to get dropped calls when sitting still at my desk or on my couch. Thats not good, especially when I've made my cell phone my business number. A dropped call in the middle of a conference call while sitting at your desk doesn't exactly make you seem real professional to your clients. (Yeah, it happened.)

At my last job, I discovered the convenience (and curse) of the Blackberry. But since I ran off Macs, it was nothing more than portable email. The rest of the functions wouldn't work, no matter what the IT folks tried. So the prospect of a Mac-compatible phone/pda/thingy is definitely attractive. Add to it that the iphone is an ipod, a full web browser with wifi capability, runs the Mac OS, and is as easy to use, well, as any Apple product... well hell, sign me up. The iphone comes out in June at $500 and 600 (ouch) and is only carried by Cingular. I called Sprint today to find out how much longer I was comitted - end of March. She asked why i was checking, I told her I wanted an iphone. She hadnt heard of it. I told her she would.

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