January 30, 2007

here kitty kitty

Oh I can only imagine the kind of hate mail I'm going to get for this one. If youre a cat lover, you may just want to not read any further.

I'm a dog guy, and though I don't really have anything against cats, and would never do anything mean to one (or any animal), I'll admit that I do chuckle at anti-cat jokes. I know, not very pc of me. Maybe I'll have to check into rehab - it seems to be the thing to do nowadays. Anyway, I've always loved the "Goodbye Kitty" series of products from David and Goliath. Then last week I stumbled across the Kitty Pet Spa video on YouTube [YouTube has since pulled the video, but I've relinked to it on iFilm]. I went into a laughing/coughing fit and almost peed my pants. I've sent it to a few friends, no one seems to share my amusement. I'm a bad person. I still think its funny.

It turns out theres one of the these Pet Spas in Long Beach. Even though all the videos of dogs in the machine show them sitting there like "ho hum", I don't think I could ever bear to put my dog in one, much less my cat. So, be nice to all those cats out there. But enjoy the video - the music is classic - and no kittys are harmed by viewing it now.

  • iFilm: Kitty Washing Machine

  • David and Goliath Goodbye Kitty products

  • Goodbye Kitty traffic game

  • Pet Spa at LaunderPet in Long Beach

    Tim said...

    I think it is funny, but would never put my dog in one. When I see you in a few weeks remind me to tell you my cat joke. It has a visual that goes with it, that won't translate in writing.

    Wash and Dry; Fluff and Fold, buddy.

    Anonymous said...

    I join the crowd of "laughed my ass off and cried". No need for sit ups today.

    langolier said...

    You know what I think about cats.....

    ....but, you are bad. It's not funny.