January 7, 2007

get some z's

Theres one very important eating establlishment I left out of my Key West restaurant guide below. Its one that my friend Myron and I can't wait to go to every time we're on the island. And this year, we ended up there almost every night. This hallowed establishment is called "Mr. Z's", just a few steps off Duval Ave and conveniently about midway between our usual bars of choice and our guest house. Thus, right on the way home.

Mr. Z's is a pizza joint in the classic style you'd find in the northeast. The walls are covered with Philadelphia sports memorabilia, the guys behind the counter are no-nonsense bordering on surly, and the pizza is that perfect greasy late night treat. They stay open til 4am and the crowd is always steady. One night Myron and I did the Ghost Tour (by the way, don't bother) and afterwards found ourselves unable to find a place still open for dinner. After wandering for what seemed like hours, we found ourselves at good ol' Mr Z's, discovering that their hoagies were pretty damn good too. Though when it comes to a late night wander home after a night out, nothing beats a slice of pepperoni.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Z's is very good, but I also like the Upper Crust. Uggh, got sick after eating chicken ranch pizza at Pizza Joes...not saying it was food poisoning, but I won't be trying it again. I do like BOs fish wagon a lot!