January 19, 2007

eating arizona

While in Phoenix, we managed to find some pretty good places for some good eats.

Friday night, we went to a place I found last year, Texaz Grill. I love this place. Its a true athentic Texas food joint plopped down in the middle of Phoenix. Everything is good there, but I can't resist going for the Chicken Fried Steak, because they do it right. Its fresh, and its huge. I barely ate a third of it. The walls are covered with, again, authentic posters and 'stuff' from all over Texas. It, like the food, is the real thing. Dont miss the bread pudding as well - very different than the traditional bread puddings you find. Well worth the calories.

Saturday, we went to the Barrio Cafe. It has been getting lots of raves and press, as we could tell by the pretty crowded waiting area. Barrio is your typical trendy funky restaurant, and you do get a feel of haves vs have-nots as you notice people walking on the street outside with their bags coming from the lavenderia vs everyone inside in black leather jackets. The food is really great, though. Guacamole is made at your table, the pomegranate seeds being a tasty ingredient I haven't seen used before in guac. I went with a seafood dish at the waiters recommendation and wasn't disappointed.

Sunday I met my old boss from when I lived in Dallas, David Wells, who I'm also currently working on a project with. We had a quick lunch at a place he found called Zoe's Kitchen. Zoe's is a chain that seems to be, oddly enough (given the modernist sorta hip decor), mostly in Alabama and the southeast. For a quick counter service eatery, they were pretty good. Wanting something different, I went for the grilled feta cheese sandwich.

And, while we did manage to get a stop in at a Whataburger, I unfortunately didn't make it there during the taquito hours (11pm-11am). Still, since we don't have em in CA, anything at Whataburger can seem like a treat for me.

So if you find yourself in Phoenix, there are some options to try instead of the Applebees or Chilis of the world...


langolier said...

Strange! I did this once several hours ago but it didn't seem to take.??

My original comment: What in the world is a 'lavenderia'?

Unknown said...

lol, I may have spelled it wrong... but its a laundromat

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon: Got your postcard, loved your website, pics, reel. I went to Texas to see my parents for Xmas '06. Whataburger was my first stop. The Great TX Eating Tour. Also been riding reining horses,team sorting, trails, love the rodeo. I'm a cowgirl. Later, Michele