January 31, 2007

doggy treat

This is Georgia. One of my favorite dogs that I've never met.

I first saw Georgia on a dvd from design firm twothousandstrong in Venice. She was on a hidden secret "easter egg" feature buried on the dvd. Many times when work got overwhelming and I got cranky, I'd pop that in and I'd feel better. You can see that original video at the tail of the 'inspiration' piece on my website.

The next year, twothousandstrong featured this clip as another hidden "easter egg" on their new dvd. I was pleased to run across a (great new) redesign of their website the other day, and even more pleased to find Georgia's clip featured on it.

I never had the chance to work with twothousandstrong - they were on my short list for some upcoming projects when the plug was pulled at Fine Living, but everyone I've talked to there before and since has always been incredibly nice. Maybe its Georgia's influence.

So next time youre having a bad day, go to Georgia.

  • twothousandstrong's Pawpet Theatre: Jowls
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