December 4, 2006


I think I've come to accept that I'm going to be treeless this year. I love getting my Christmas tree, but since I go home to Virginia for Christmas, it sometimes seems silly since I have it for such a short time - and sometimes noone even sees it but me. I didn't act fast enough this year. I told myself I was going to get one early. I got busy. Then I said I'd get one Saturday. I even went to the lot on Sunday. It was so busy and the lines were so long that I just came home. (Bah humbug, huh?) I figured I could go today while people were at work. It turned into a busy day today - I wasn't going anywhere. As I looked at the calendar, it seemed pointless as I realized I was leaving in less that two weeks for Virginia. By the time I'm back, it will be dead. So... unless some whim changes things, its a year without a tree - at least until I get to Virginia. Next year, I'll be smarter... thats it.

(The pics are from last year's tree, by the way)

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