December 15, 2006

time after time

A few days ago, The Aesthetic had a post linking to an interview in The Morning News with photographer Adam Bartos. Bartos lived in LA in the late 70's and is showing some of his photos from that period for the first time in a show called "Los Angeles" at Yossi Millo gallery in New York. I love the reality of his photos - the perfection found in imperfection, not the pristine or staged. There is a familiarity of these places I may have never been that really speaks to me.

Two of the photos in the article seemed even more familiar - they were of my neighborhood of El Porto in Manhattan Beach. One seemed so familiar that it seemed comforting - I was sure I could find where it was taken. I should have. A few steps out my door I realized it was taken at the end of my street. The other photo had a much more dramatic change, which certainly wasn't so comforting. Ugly apartments now sit where funky beach houses used to be. At least they weren't replaced by some awful OliveGarden-iate McMansion.

  • The Morning News: Adam Bartos interview

  • Yossi Milo gallery
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