December 5, 2006

shake it up

Yesterday morning I woke up shaking. Thing is, so was the rest of the building. It was a pretty minor earthquake. I literally raised my head up wondering what was going on...and put my head down and went back to sleep. Its the first quake that I've felt since moving down to the beach, though the largest I've felt since living here (the Hector Mine Quake) happened while I was at a friend's in Redondo Beach. Turns out yesterdays was just off the coast about 4 miles from me.

Its no suprise that people get hurt in quakes. Since they come out of nowhere, you tend to freeze and wonder whats going on. By the time you realize its an earthquake, its over. And of course, if something is going to fall on you, it already has. So much for remembering to lie down next to the bed or car or whatever you happen to be near. (Yes, next to it, not under it. If something falls on it, you want that to create a triangular pocket that you are in the center of, not be smashed underneath.)

Time to check my earthquake kits.

And if you ever want to check the latest quakes, heres a link:
  • USGS Recent Earthquakes
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    Tim said...

    You were already in bed at 6:19 AM? Knowing the Berry Biological Clock Cycle, I'm surprised you weren't still up working or Tivo-ing.

    Glad you're all good.