December 10, 2006


Tonight was one of my favorite events of the year - the Manhattan beach Christmas Fireworks. It was cold and rainy (for here) but that didn't stop the crowds from comin downtown to see the pyrotechnics gettin launched from the pier. I biked down and met my friend Pat, we went to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and added some peppermint schnapps (which conveniently looks like water in an Aquafina bottle). After wandering a bit we found a spot to camp out just in time for the fireworks. Since I watched from the beach last year, I didn't realize that they were synchronized to music. We were by the pier so we could (sort of) hear it this year which made it all the better. One of these years I'll have my act together to grab a spot early with a group, have a little picnic and the whole shebang, and then enjoy the show... next year maybe?!

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