December 22, 2006

a dogs life

Mom and Dad have two Weimeraners: Phantom and her son, Edn. Both have learned to push the barriers of the rules, and I suspect Mom and Dad are suckers for it. Hard not to be - look at that face. Edn is definitely the more aggressive in 'pushing it', including ignoring the "not on the furniture" rule to the point where he has slowly climbed next to you on the sofa, only to then look at you like "why are you on my sofa?" The other night while I was working, he decided he'd be more comfortable using my computer as a pillow. It took a while to get him to move, and then he decided he'd prefer to be under the computer, with it - literally - sitting on his head.

Mom and Dad send Christmas Cards every year starring the dogs. Dad's electronic version can be seen in the link below, along with a link to last years post about the 2005 edition.

  • Dad's 2006 Christmas Card

  • December 16 2005: Weimer Wishes
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