December 26, 2006

dayz in tha hood

I walked down around the corner from my folks house the other day to run an errand, I was suprised what a short walk it seemed to be from when I was a kid. I used to have to make that walk all the time to go get milk when we were out of it. It always seemed like such a big chore then. Now it seems only a matter of steps.

The Shamrock Laundromat down the corner is gone. Well, its still a Laundromat (now the Braddock Street Old Town Laundromat. Good grief.) They used to have this awesome neon sign. Thankfully the shamrock is still there, but the wonderful neon type is gone. I also was kind of tickled to find the cracks in the sidewalk were the same. I used to ride my Big Wheel up and down these sidewalks years ago. I remember this patch shown in the picture. It's hard to make out, but for some reason as a kid I always thought this looked like a dog. Thirty years later the pattern hasn't changed at all.

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