November 28, 2006

taco taco taco!

Tonight was Casey's last Taco Tuesday. A few weeks ago we started going to OB's, a bar down the street from me, on Tuesday nights after going to the gym. Yeah, a little self-defeating maybe, but isn't that why we go to the gym anyway?! Tonight my friend Dave met us there. It was packed. Who knew the power of Taco Tuesday? OB's is a typical beach sports-ish bar, lotsa sets all over with games on, but they have pretty decent food too. Its fun, casual, comfortable, and not overrun with kids (the 21 year old variety). If you can eat 10 tacos, you get on the plaque that hangs on the wall. For the record, I can only handle two. Casey started a blog of his own a few weeks ago, hes marking his last week in LA with daily photo essays.
  • Casey's Rear View Mirror

    Tim said...

    I wanna go....Taco Tuesday and a Katsu Katurday? Going to hit Casey's site and take a look....mine site MIGHT be up tonight.

    Unknown said...

    katsu is good ANY DAY!